Sevillano Table Olives 380g Tub


Plump and fleshy Olives, yet quite firm

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Forest Edge Sevillano Table Olives 380g Tub

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Our Olive trees are grown and cared for in a chemical and pesticide free environment just as Nature intended.

Ingredients: Fresh Olives
Quantity: 380g

Sevillano Olives, loved and very popular.

Sevillano Variety:
These are originally a Spanish variety known for being very plump and fleshy yet quite firm. Cured naturally in brine, the Sevillano olive is a great subtly flavoured fruit, and has a sweet, herbaceous, nutty flavour with good acid balance
They are a fantastic table eating option and also for marinating & presenting with cornichons & caper berries.

Our olives are hand-picked and brine-cured, using the traditional Greek method of fermentation in water, salt and a splash of vinegar. This is a time consuming process, however it ensures a greater depth of flavour and natural colour.
Our olive range covers varieties from across the traditional Mediterranean olive growing nations – Greece, Italy, Spain & North Africa. But be assured they are 100% Australian grown and they make a great table olive, use on pizza, pasta & salads.

Olives they’re packed with nutrients.

Olives are a good source of vitamin E, a nutrient that is difficult to come by in sufficient quantities without supplementation. Olives are also a powerful source of antioxidants some of which contribute to their innate bitterness.

Olives also provide a fair amount of iron and copper and represent an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acid, the same wholesome fat found in avocados and pasture-raised pork.

Forest Edge Olives are 100% Australian grown

Our precious olives are processed with no artificial flavours & totally chemical free in natural brine.
Once you get your olives home, store your olives in the fridge, soaking in the same liquid they came in.

Forest Edge Olives are very popular due to distinctive qualities, one of the many reasons we’re often out of stock.
Don’t hesitate and miss out, order while we have them available.

Our olive varieties get their distinctive qualities from their genetics, our regions soil and climate, as well as how we hand harvest and cure them, our olives are our babies!



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