Mother Nature calls the shots every year

This year’s Olive harvest 2022 started on the 14th July, a month later than the previous year.

We now use a mechanical harvesting method of harvesting and collecting the olives.

625 of our 1700 trees were harvested this year, netting us 9 tonnes of beautiful fresh plump olives.

The harvest was completed in 1 day compared to the previous harvest, which took 10 days with the help of many family and friends.

24 large crates of olives left the Forest edge farm for a short journey by semi-trailer to Boyanup for processing.

We will pick up our 2022 Extra virgin Olive Oil on Monday 18th of July.

The oil will be transferred to our special stainless steel vats to settle for 6 to 8 weeks before it is available to our loyal customers.

23 hour journey by semi-traile
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