Celebrity Chefs asked for the Best Olive Oil. Forest Edge EVOO was the choice

Celebrity Chef Miguel Maestre said he was looking forward to cooking with local produce at the Taste Great Southern.
Miguel, who co-hosts the show The Living Room on Chanel 10, will feature at the Rockliffe Night Market and Lunch by the Lake events while in the Great Southern for the region’s premier food and wine event.

Miguel said his two headline events would be jam-packed with quality local food.

While at “The Rockcliffe Markets, we’re cooking with the beautiful Anna Gare, so that is going to be plenty of fun,” he said. “At the Lake House, we’ll be doing the most amazing cheesecake, we’re doing paella with local marrons and a little bit of seafood that we find around town, some mussels, a little bit of salmon.

Chef Miguel used half a 750ml bottle of Forest Edge Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Forest Edge Farm Olive Grove in his paella at the Rockcliff night markets as well as using it in his mayonnaise.

Forest Edge EVOO was the choice when Celebrity Chefs asked for the Best Olive Oil

Miguel is well known for his love of fresh, local and seasonal produce, which has led to him featuring at some of the country’s top food festivals. “It’s just amazing to see all the wonderful local produce and meet the producers, put a face to these people that grow all this food,” Miguel said

“It’s just brilliant.

“It’s really exciting to see the passion people have for home-grown produce and you get to see the real face of our food.”

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